how to help your child to be more cooperative

How To Help Your Child To Be More Cooperative


Do you want to help your child be more cooperative? Have them listen more? Reduce clinginess?

Sometimes special time can feel like the magic balm in parenting.

It can:

  • Boost your child’s confidence.
  • It can build their resilience.
  • It can ease your own parent guilt about not spending enough “quality time with your kids.
  • And, one of the biggies, it can INCREASE children’s co-operation.

It does all these things! We’ve seen it countless times in our own families, but here’s the thing. Although it can increase co-operation, it isn’t guaranteed to.

Especially if you aren’t setting up Special Time the right way. 

So today, we’re talking about exactly why special time is so useful for increasing your child’s levels of co-operation.

  • How to set it up so that you stand the best possible chance of seeing this happen.
  • Are you using Special Time as maintenance or rescue? Why does it matter?
  • And the difference between Special Time as a bargaining tool and the genuine invitation of setting everything aside for your child and the big effects that has.

If you’ve ever felt like Special Time wasn’t delivering the way you hoped, come problem-solve with Abigail and Elle on the Podcast this week.

Listen to Can Special Time really increase my child’s level of cooperation?

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